BIM - Business Instant Messenger

Enterprise level self-hosted system for complete control and data ownership.

Private system without malicious interference, spam and ads.

Cross platform including iPhone, Android, Web and PC versions.

Higest secruity standard.

Flexible customization according to business requirements.

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BIM - Business Instant Messenger

BIM Box - Private Instant Messenger

Palm size server is easy to setup and could be installed anywhere you want.

Worldwide coverage, sign in via different phone numbers.

Self Destruction - Secret message will be deleted after reading

Quick & Simple - Install within 15 minutes

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BIM Box - Private Instant Messenger


system integration of instant messaging

Seamless system integration of instant messaging module.


High quality consulting on software development.

Cloud service

Reliable design and implementation of cloud API server.

mobile dev

Rapid mobile applications development.

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Amphiware was founded in 2015 by engineers with decades of global experience focusing on mobile solution, software development consulting and system integration projects.

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